Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Origin Theory Wrapup

I've gotten a couple requests to collect all the Origin Theory recordings together in one spot for people to see, so here they are!

The Band:
Stephanie Hossfeld - Vocals
Ori Ratner - Bass
Aaron Sharpes - Drums
Me - Guitars

These people also make appearances in some of these recordings and/or were involved in the writing:
Aaron Jacobs - Guitars, Origin Theory EP
Kyle Keady - Guitars, Cataclysm

Origin Theory - EP (download zip file of the entire EP here) - June, 2009
   Engineered by Chris Jackson and mixed by Kevin131

  1. All In You
  2. Volition
  3. Entropy
  4. Volution
Other songs / B-Sides, in order of production
   Engineered and mixed by me

  1. Cataclysm - September 14, 2008. The very first Origin Theory song.
  2. Entropy (acoustic) - October 4, 2008. An early all-acoustic rough demo of Entropy, which would later appear on the EP.
  3. Thrash Chop (video) - September 17, 2009. A silly re-remix of the instant classic rap chop
  4. Solace - November 3, 2009. This tune is a bit heavier and shows a major Opeth influence.
  5. Cyclic - November 21, 2009. The very first song we wrote after the EP was finished.
  6. The Myth - April 25, 2010. This song has a lot of 5's in it. Can you spot them all?
  7. Emergence - May 9, 2010. Acoustic guitar and voice.
  8. Release - June 6, 2010. First song done after the mixing workshop with kevin131.
  9. Nuance - July 30, 2010. The most epic of breakdowns.
  10. The Divide - November 15, 2010. The last one. Heavily inspired by melo death bands like Scar Symmetry and Soilwork.