Monday, January 18, 2010

Old Research!

As part of moving to this new blogger system, I need to find a way to host my old research papers. I've decided to just add them all to this post, right here. Enjoy!

Using Java's Generics Mechanism to Improve Type Safety in the Command Pattern
Proceedings of the 46th annual ACM southeast regional conference (with D. Bernstein and J. Magnotti), 2008.
Abstract :
This paper discusses ways in which Java's generics mechanism can be
used to improve a Remote Procedure Call implementation using the Command and
Proxy patterns. Specifically, it shows how generics can be used to specify
return types and receiver types.

Read the slides here

Design and Implementation Considerations in a Distributed Observer System
One of the papers written with David Bernstein and John Magnotti after the development of Moxaic.
Abstract :
The observer pattern is widely used to decouple objects in a
publish/subscribe relationship. Because many distributed systems
contain such relationships, this pattern is a natural expression of
these systems. However, implementing a distributed observer system
places unique constraints on both the implementation of the
pattern and the remote procedure call framework that is used to
support it. This paper explores these constraints and discusses some
idioms to work around them while maintaining the semantics of the
original pattern.

A distributed mobile-agent meeting scheduler for J2ME CLDC devices. Above link is to a PDF generated from the powerpoint presentation. Code to come soon.

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